Sacramento Real Estate:  Setting Expectations Can Make You, Or Break You

Sacramento Real Estate:  Setting Expectations Can Make You, Or Break YouIn general, I tend to live life optimistically, more of a “what comes down, must eventually go up,” type of thinking.  As a Sacramento Short Sale Agent, I adhere to that principal fairly religiously.  But, I’ve learned over the years, my optimism, desire, and dogged pursuit, can only change so much in the Sacramento Short Sale Universe.  For this reason, I take a more realistic approach when setting expectations for my Sacramento Short Sale buyers and sellers.How many of us have been told, “this is going to be a piece of cake,” or, “I’ve got it all covered,” or my personal favorite, “Don’t worry about it,” only to find out it wasn’t, they didn’t, and you should have been…?  Setting expectations in this manner is a set up for disaster, no matter how easy the transaction may seem.

Whether I’m dealing with a Sacramento Short Sale, an REO, or a Traditional Equity Sale, the song remains the same…a real estate transaction is a living, breathing organism, and they can always turn around and bite you!

At the same time, I tell all my clients, buyers and sellers alike, not to fear the Sacramento Short Sale!  Is it a lengthier transaction? Yes!  Can the bank ask for additional paperwork along the way?  Yes!  Can the bank’s opinion of the value of the property differ from the offer price?  Yes!  Can the bank decline the seller’s request for a short sale?  Yes!  Etc, etc, etc…

When reality is planned for, the blow is lessened when reality happens.  People appreciate candor, and I’ve found the more real I am with them, the happier they are, and ultimately, the happier I am.

I am never afraid to tell people like it is, and if you’re one of my Sacramento Short Sale clients, you can expect it!