Sacramento Real Estate:  Why Do I Need A Full Time Real Estate Agent?


Sacramento Real Estate:  Why Do I Need A Full Time Real Estate Agent?
One of the biggest investments people make in their lives, is purchasing a home.  Buyers and sellers rely on the expertise of their Sacramento Real Estate Agent, to help them make sound decisions regarding their local real estate market.  Decisions that could follow them for the rest of their lives if they are not careful.  So, I asked this question to one of my new clients this weekend, who had previously been working with a part time agent:
“Why would someone put that kind of investment in the hands of a school teacher, who has sold two homes in the last 3 years?”

The answer was shocking…  “She’s a friend.” (Gasp)

OK, so it really isn’t that shocking, as many people make this choice when looking for a real estate agent.  They think a friend will work the hardest for them, which isn’t out of the question.  But when that friend’s primary income comes from an entirely different profession, one that dominates their time, how much attention will they really give to what, for many, is one of life’s most important decisions?

The answer is, “NOT ENOUGH!”

A good, full time Sacramento Real Estate Agent is knowledgeable about their area, knowledgable about the different nuiances of the the market, and AVAILABLE FOR THEIR CLIENTS.

For example, over the weekend, I showed my clients a home in Arden Park.  I had previously shown this home to them, and two other clients over the month before, so not only did I know the house, I had developed a relationship with the seller.  My clients decided they wanted to write an offer, but that we wouldn’t be able to get back together until the following evening (Sunday).  I notified the listing agent, that we would indeed be sending an offer over, and she let me know that she was presenting another offer the following morning.

DING DING DING, game changer!

Getting together with my clients Sunday evening was no longer going to work.  Plans needed to be changed, mine included, and we needed to write an offer that was going to get attention.  We also needed to have the listing agent and seller push their meeting back, to allow us to get the offer in.

Sunday morning was a scramble!  But, by Sunday evening, I was able to call my clients and let them know that our offer had been ACCEPTED!  The house they WANT, in the neighborhood they LOVE, and it came together in less than 24 hours.  If we had waited until the following evening to write the offer, we would have missed it.  Communication with the listing agent, my availablility for my clients, and ability to write a strong offer (by the way, both offers were for the same purchase price, but the rest of our terms made our offer much more attractive), got my clients the home they desired!

If my clients had used the school teacher, who dabbled in real estate, I strongly doubt they’d be in escrow today.

If you want a FULL TIME SACRAMENTO REAL ESTATE AGENT, who is available for you, and understands the Sacramento market, give me a call: