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Are you relocating?

Relocating? This Sacramento Real Estate Company Can Help You Sell Your Home & Find Your Realtor Across the Country…and in Canada!

It’s true, as Sacramento Realtors, we help Buyers and Sellers achieve their real estate goals in and around the Sacramento area. Most of our clients come to us by referral, from past clients, business contacts, community members, friends, and family. Every J.K. Groves agent is exceptional in the way they serve clients across our region.

But, what if you are leaving Sacramento? Maybe you took a job in Austin, Seattle, or Toronto. Or, you are retiring to Scottsdale or Naples (FL). How are you going to find a top notch Realtor to help you find your next home in your new destination? Are you more apt to hunt down a stranger on Google, or would you rather be referred to a qualified, full time Realtor, who specializes in your new area, referred by another qualified, full time Realtor that just happens to specialize in a different area?

A Survey by National Association of Realtors shows that, even in the internet age, the majority of home buyers and sellers will work with someone they have been referred, or have worked with in the past.

J.K. Groves Real Estate Group belongs to a network of distinguished Realtors & Mortgage professionals across the United States and Canada, and has great success referring buyers and sellers to agents outside the Sacramento area. If you, or someone you know is planning a move across the nation, have them give us a call!